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Furniture and appliances are the largest and heaviest items in a home or office. With the continual use day in and day out it’s impossible they’ll last forever. Once they wear out and need replaced, properly disposing of them can be a back breaking chore! Call today to schedule your appliance removal, furniture cleanout in Snohomish!

Appliance Removal By Professionals Saves Time And Injuries

There are many advantages to hiring appliance removal professionals. For one, they’re insured and trained. They know how to use the right equipment to avoid injury or property damage during a move.

Remember moving in? How difficult it was navigating tight doorways or stairways with a 250 pound refrigerator?

When you need to get rid of your old appliances, going with a professional is the best bet. They save time by moving and loading them into their truck for disposal or recycling instead of taking hours doing it yourself. Plus they do it carefully so that you don’t end up with scratched flooring or holes on the walls. Not to mention the possibility of broken bones when it slips from your or your neighbors grip while carrying it down stairs!

Furniture Removal Clears Up Lots of Space And Is Environmentally Friendly

Furniture removal can be a fun and easy way to clear up space in your home. Great for people with limited living spaces, this solution is also environmentally friendly!

When you think of the word “clean” what comes to mind? Is it dust free or fresh air? Or perhaps an organized room where everything has its place. For some families though clean means getting rid of clutter quickly – furniture removals are great solutions that will help make any house feel like new again while giving back more time and energy as well as being eco-friendly too!

We will load up useful items and transport them to the donation drop of your choice. Everybody comes out ahead, you give a piece of furniture and extended life of use and folks on a tighter budget can buy quality furnishings.

Get Help With Hauling Off Heavy, Bulky Furniture

It’s no fun trying to lift and carry a couch all by yourself. Get help with hauling away heavy furniture like couches, chairs, tables or dressers from your home to your favorite charity or dump. We’ll get the job done quickly without any hassle.

Reduce The Number Of Things You Need To Haul To The Trash/Recycling Center Yourself

Just as composting food scraps cuts down on how much garbage you contribute to landfills, hiring professionals to haul off unwanted furniture reduces what you have to load and haul away. The more you recycle, the less trash you have to haul.

Help Keep Puget Sound Clean—Instead Of Throwing Away Junk, It Can Be Reused Or Recycled

Puget Sound is a beautiful place to live, but it’s also important that we keep this natural treasure clean. Whether you’re looking to reclaim space from unwanted furniture or if your garage has appliances you no longer need—you don’t need to throw these things away. Instead, get creative and put them to good use again by donating them and hiring Puget Sound Junk Removal to haul them off. Call today to schedule your Appliance Removal Furniture Cleanout in Snohomish and we’ll provide a free estimate from our fast & friendly junk removal experts.

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