Eviction, Foreclosure Clean Out Mukliteo, Mill Creek, Bothell

Eviction, Foreclosure Clean Out Mukliteo, Mill Creek and Bothell – Call Puget Sound Junk Removal And Get Property Ready To Rent Or Sell – 425-626-4319

We understand how stressful it is to deal with garbage and junk after an eviction or foreclosure. You have a million details to take care of to get a new tenant or owner into the property. You don’t have the time to rent a truck, load, haul and dump furniture, broken appliances and trash. No one is going to rent or buy property that is not presentable. And the longer the property is empty, the more it’s costing you.

Eviction Cleanouts Shorten Vacancies

Eviction cleanup is the process of removing any unwanted items left behind by tenants after they have been evicted from a home or apartment. Typically, the property management has staff to do the eviction set out. Those are the belongings the previous tenant wants to keep and are set outside the home or apartment.

The next step in getting a new tenant into the property is the eviction cleanup or cleanout. Many times, the previous tenant has left behind large unwanted items and even trash. Our eviction cleanout service arrives and begins loading items for donation, recycling or dump runs. Once we’ve done all the heavy lifting and hauling the property maintenance crew can begin a deep clean and repairs as needed.

The home or apartment will spend less time empty and the property management team can focus on more important tasks.

Foreclosure Clean Outs Best Left To Professionals

Despite the negative connotations, foreclosed properties can be a great find if you’re willing to put in some elbow grease.

A foreclosure junk cleanout can be a lot of work and requires special precautions. You need to know how to safely handle bulky appliances and furniture, not to mention the hazardous waste that could have been left behind. It is in your best interest to hire professionals that deal with these materials day in and day out.

Foreclosures are often left in shambles and neglect by their previous owners, but when you hire our team we can get the property cleared so you can focus on construction and design to get yourself moved in or on the market in no time!

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