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If there’s anything in this world that stresses people out more than crowds or waiting in traffic it’s the clutter of unwanted items. Changes in lifestyle, location or family size can contribute to the number of unwanted items you accumulate. You might reduce the amount of clutter by donating or selling items, but there is always a pile that stays behind.

If the pile is not hauled away it’s guaranteed that it will join the other piles left behind. As clutter grows it could cause more problems related to cleanliness, structural integrity and legal problems.

Sometimes getting rid of the junk in your home or office can take weeks or even months. Not to mention the physical exertion it takes to carry, load and unload hundreds of pounds of stuff. Who has the time and energy to add that to the already full day of tasks? Thankfully, with Puget Sound Junk Removal, the job will be done quickly and easily so that you have more time for yourself!

We take care of the junk removal near you

We know how hard it can be to find time for household chores- that’s why we’ve created an easy, no hassle way for our customers in Snohomish County who have too much stuff and not enough time get their property cleared of junk! You’re as involved as you want to be. Meet us at the haul off location, point out what goes and leave us to complete the job. Or if items need to be assessed before hauling off, keep an eye on what ends up in the truck.

Save your time and energy on doing the work yourself

Let’s face it, junk hauling is a filthy and tiresome task best left in the hands of professionals with the know how to handle heavy objects without damaging themselves or property. We bring years of demolition and moving experience. And we have the right equipment for the job. We’ll show up with pry bars, saws, rakes, clamps, tarps and large capacity trucks to complete most junk removals in a single load.

You can be certain that everything will be handled properly

Many people have said that their favorite part about working with us is how the team takes care of them. They can be certain that we will handle every detail and do it to perfection, so they don’t need to lift a finger. This has lead many customers to hire us again and recommend us to their family and friends. Many of these customers have shared their experience online and continue to add to our 5-star rating wherever you look.

Call today, let us remove the junk and reclaim your property for enjoyment tomorrow.

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