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Reliable junk removal services in Edmonds, WA, are essential. Whether it’s your residence or your business that needs a bit of decluttering, you shouldn’t have to track down your trash provider and settle for one weekly pickup. You’ll be limited by how much they are willing to take, and you’ll have to do all the gathering and moving of items.

There is a better option! Puget Sound Junk Removal is a full-service trash provider that can meet your needs! We’re happy to assist you by providing the best haul away service and cleanouts in the area. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a bit of typical spring cleaning or you’re preparing for a big event such as the Edmonds Arts Festival. We’ll work with your schedule and make sure you have access to the fast and reliable junk removal services that you need!


PS Junk Removal isn’t your typical junk hauling franchise. We’re different from other junk removal companies in Snohomish and North King Counties.

For one, we’re available any time! Since our team is on call 7 days a week, you won’t ever have to wait long to get rid of junk. What’s even better? We’re most often able to offer you same-day or next-day services. That means you can schedule us when it’s most convenient for you and you’ll never have to wait around to fit into our schedule.

Of course, one of our biggest perks is our affordable pricing. As a locally owned and operated business in Snohomish County, we never have to worry about pricey corporate overhead or expensive franchise fees. We pass our cost savings on to our clients, and that means great prices for you! When you call on us to get rid of a mess in Edmonds, we’ll give you an accurate quote for junk removal prices. That quote will cover all job-related expenses including our knowledgeable staff, all hauling equipment, and even the cost of recycling and/or disposing of your items. When the job is done, you can settle the tab with Apple Pay, Venmo, card, or cash.

For convenient and affordable junk removal in Edmonds, choose none other than Puget Sound Junk Removal!


  1. Get the ball rolling today! Our online booking system offers 24/7 access to our pick up schedule. Just take a look and grab your arrival window! On the other hand, we’re always happy to help you with scheduling. Text or call Call or Text (425) 358-3329. and one of our junk pros will answer your questions and get you on our next route.
  2. We’ll give you a courtesy call before we arrive for your appointment. When our team rolls up, all you have to do is show them the items that you’d like to get rid of.
  3. Our crew leader will confirm your initial quote and, with your approval, get to work. You never need to move or load a thing. We take care of all that and then we sweep up any loose debris, too.
  4. If everything looks good to you, then we’ll be on our way. First, we’ll donate and recycle as much as we can, and then we’ll haul the rest of your junk to a transfer station or landfill for proper disposal.

Furniture Removal in Edmonds

Getting rid of furniture can be such a hassle! You have to call in favors to move large items, and then you have to worry about what can be donated to a local charity versus what must be dumped. Puget Sound Junk Removal can take all of that worry away!

The only thing you have to lift with us is a finger. That’s right! Just point to the old sofa, recliner, table, mattress, or other furniture that you want to have removed. Then, we’ll safely remove it from your home or business. Not only do we have the muscle to move bulky furniture, but we’ve got the equipment to haul it, too. So, save yourself the back pain and headache of trying to get rid of furniture on your own and call PS Junk Removal instead!

About Us

Puget Sound Junk Removal is black and women-owned business! Our families strive to exceed industry standards with every load we haul. We’re experienced, equipped, and ready to haul!

Our experienced crew has hauled a bit of everything. From furniture and appliances to office junk and household clutter, we really can get rid of anything. There isn’t a job too complicated for us. We’re happy to swing by and pick up your unwanted items, but we’re also able to take on involved cleanouts in estates, homes, hoards, and more. No matter what the removal job entails, you can trust that we’ve got the experience to handle it well.

The right equipment matters. That’s why you should know that we aren’t just a couple of amateurs with a truck. No! We’re a professional team that’s been properly trained and has all the right equipment to remove items carefully. Safety is a priority for us and that means protecting your property as well as our staff.

When you need a junk hauling crew that is ready to roll, then let us know! We’re here for you every day of the week.

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