Junk Removal Services in Kenmore, WA

Junk removal in Kenmore isn’t always easy! When you have a difficult project ahead and you need a professional company to haul away junk for you, contact Puget Sound Junk Removal. We can get rid of junk for you so you can use your free time for something other than DIY junk removal!


Kenmore, WA is a city that many people call their home. A few examples of the neighborhoods in Kenmore include Upper Moorlands, Northlake Terrace, and Linwood Heights, and there are many others in addition to this. All these neighborhoods are absolutely teeming with people and their families, and sometimes, these people need to get rid of junk! Who are they supposed to call when they need junk removal services in Kenmore, WA? They call Puget Sound Junk Removal!

It’s no different for our local businesses. Whether offices need to get rid of cubicles, warehouses have to ditch old equipment, or retail outlets want to say goodbye to unwanted merchandise, our junk removal professionals are there to help them out! We pride ourselves on positive business-to-business relations, and we’d love to help your company, too.

Residential and commercial junk removal services are no problem for Puget Sound Junk Removal. If you need our help, just book an appointment, and we’ll be there soon! What’s more, we offer same-day and next-day availability—which means if you want us to be there ASAP, then we’re ready to serve you!

Why Our Kenmore Junk Removal?

There are numerous junk removal companies out there. Sometimes, it’s tough to decide which one you should choose for your project! When you need junk removal services in Kenmore, WA, which of these several names is the best pick? For great service from local professionals, you can’t go wrong with Puget Sound Junk Removal. We’re not a franchise—we were founded in this region to serve this region. So, when you choose us, you’re supporting your area’s economy while also receiving the help you need from friendly experts who are just up the road from you. Needless to say, we can make your junk leave your property and move into our truck in a flash!

Because we’re not a franchise, we can offer you junk removal prices that are better than the competition. After all, franchises have to pay corporate fees, and a local business doesn’t! You’ll also like that we use simple, volume-based pricing. So, the amount of junk you need to get rid of determines the final bill. There are never hidden fees involved with our prices, either, so wipe that sweat off your forehead. Your wallet is safe with us!

During your appointment, there are many ways we go above and beyond to ensure that your experience is top-notch. We always exercise caution to make sure we don’t scuff your walls while hauling large, awkwardly shaped items. We treat you with courtesy, and we’re always dressed in neat, crisp uniforms. We’ll even sweep up behind ourselves when the appointment is wrapping up so that your property can be as clean as possible!

Now that you know what makes us the best, are you ready to schedule junk removal services in Kenmore, WA with us? Fortunately, it’s easy as pie to get started! Just contact us online or call us at 425-626-4319 to schedule an appointment today!

How Kenmore Junk Removal Works

  1. Have other junk removal companies kept you waiting before? We won’t make the same mistakes. We’re always on time, and we even give you a courtesy call when we’re en route.
  2. After we have arrived and introduced ourselves, show us all the junk items you’d like to get rid of. Then, accept our upfront service quote, and we’ll happily begin our work!
  3. It doesn’t take us long to haul away all your junk! We’ll lug it out the door before loading it onto our truck. It’s as easy as one-two-three with Puget Sound Junk Removal!
  4. Finally, we’ll accept your payment and head out. We’ll dispose of all the junk we collected while you enjoy the rest of your day in a clean and clutter-free space.

Estate Cleanout Services in Kenmore, WA

It’s easy to remove one or two junk items from a house on your own. However, when you’re faced with the task of cleaning out an entire home, things get difficult very, very quickly. Consider the following scenario: a family member, a friend, or a loved one has died, and you’ve taken on the responsibility of handling the estate. This is a stressful situation for a number of reasons. Of course, the work is tough and time-consuming, but on top of that, you’re trying to grieve at the same time. Do you have too much on your plate? Then our estate cleanout services may be precisely what you need to lighten the load.

When we clean out estates, we begin by going from room to room, determining how much room we should expect to be taken up in our truck. Then, once you’ve approved our service quote, we start hauling away each and every item we find. From old furniture to clothing and toys, everything goes. If there’s anything you want to keep, feel free to let us know, and we’ll leave it alone for you.

At the end of the appointment, we’re left with a truck full of household belongings. What do we do with all this stuff anyway? Well, if the items are in usable condition, we happily donate them to organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. This helps us reduce waste and also gives those belongings a second lease on life.

About Us

Puget Sound Junk Removal is the go-to junk removal business not only in Kenmore, but in many other service areas as well! We are friendly junk haulers that want to make your life a whole lot cleaner than it already is. So when you have junk that has to go, choose us, a local, black-owned business that removes junk for an inexpensive price you’ll appreciate. Our services are fantastic whether you need them at your home, your business, or another one of your properties. As long as you’re part of our community, then we’re interested in being your helping hand!

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What Our Customers Have to Say

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Puget Sound Junk Removal is very responsive, personable, and hard working! It was such a great feeling to have them come out the next day and take away my junk for a very reasonable price. I’m so happy with their service, I highly recommend them!
Shannon Miller
04:34 05 Feb 23
This was my first experience using a junk removal service. I couldn’t be more pleased with the experience with PS Junk Removal. Staci was easy to talk to and very accommodating when scheduling and then rescheduling when we needed more time. The whole crew is kind and caring, professional and efficient, and a pleasure to work with. If you have any removal needs in the Snohomish or King County areas, I would highly recommend this team. Not only are they priced fairly but they are fast. Our yard debris cleanup was a difficult and dirty job but they got it done in a couple of hours. Thank you so much PS Junk for your outstanding service!
Jessica Walser
00:50 22 Jan 23
Great service, PS Junk helped with a corporate office move. Inclement weather scrubbed our first appointment and they were very responsive and easy to work with rescheduling and making sure our company move schedule was met. Two Thumbs up, would recommend to a friend.
Christopher Campos
22:24 04 Jan 23
Great job. Very fair prices and friendly experience. My parents are in their 90s with a heavy maintenance property. We found a great team for ongoing support. Thanks guys.
00:26 06 Dec 22
Staci responded to my inquiry within minutes and she gave me an estimate and I was booked within 30 minutes. AND I was booked for the next day! On top of all, they arrived 1 hour early. Great team! Super nice and professional!! I will use them again and gladly spread the word of their great work. Thank you!!
Pam Leigh
22:45 22 Nov 22
I recently had a situation where I was faced with a room full of junk of no fault of my own. I stressed about it for over 2 years. Do I remove it myself with all the labor and multiple trips to the disposal sites with all the dump and fuel fees. I finally made a call or two to some dump removal companies and settled on Puget Sound Junk Removal. Boy am I glad I did. Who would’ve guessed removing junk would be pleasant, but with Puget Sound it was .They were on time ,fast and reasonably priced. The most friendly crew ever I feel like I have some new friends. In less than two hours the place was done . A two year weight on my shoulders was lifted. Thank you Puget Sound !!! I highly recommend them ,and your junk will be gone for good .
Wayne Siivonen
21:08 19 Oct 22
Reggie and Ryan were friendly, fast and efficient. I contacted PS Junk after hours and they responded right away and came to remove my junk the next day. Highly recommend!!
Erin Statton
00:48 18 Aug 22
Ryan and Reggie hauled away a bunch of furniture and trash. They tore apart (with their bare hands) a heavy wood bed frame that had lots of storage built into it. I was amazed how fast they got the work done. They were so friendly and really seemed to enjoy their job. I would hire them again any day and will recommend them to anyone who needs their services. My son-in-law booked the job and he really liked Stacy, the lady he spoke with. We are so impressed. 🥰 Thanks for all your help. Daisy Tom
Daisy Tom
21:51 12 Aug 22
They responded to my request within hours, made an appointment for a few days out, showed up on time and were in and out super fast. If I knew it would be this easy I would have done this months ago, I will definitely use them again.
Jered McMillan
16:27 14 Jul 22
These people are top notch! They are prompt, efficient, and professional. I love that they are family oriented and I think they care about their customers.
Lori Arndt
15:34 07 Jul 22
This Company is Awesome!! Extremely quick and efficient. Great guys that come haul the stuff away at less than what it would’ve taken us to do it ourselves. Thank you so much for being in our community and for Stacie who responded to our phone call so quickly~❤
Sabrina Vaughan
03:34 11 Jun 22
Absolute perfection! Amazing customer service, and very friendly. They removed all my junk , and made the process extremely easy! I highly recommend!
Bryttany Cyrus
20:55 09 Jun 22
Incredible service. Highly responsive. We were able to get pick up scheduled next day.
I was moving and had a bed, sectional couch, and a few other things that would have been difficult for me to get rid of alone, so I hired these guys. They were on time, friendly, and very helpful. I would recommend them for disposing of large items. The price was about what I expected.
Caspian H
21:57 25 May 22
Locally owned PSjunk Removal was a very positive experience, having to clean out an entire estate home. They were accurate in their pricing /number of truck loads, Prompt, on the day of, efficient in their clean out, and so friendly and very accommodating to my clear it all out needs. It was important to me that I support a locally owned company, and they didn’t disappoint! Thank you PSjunk Removal!
Lisa Tintinger
19:19 12 May 22
This is an amazing company! I used them two times as I was preparing to put my home on the market — the second time they helped me out of a bind by coming the next day! They are on time, hard-working, and respectful…plus they’re fun and energetic people. I highly recommend them!
Janet Roupe
05:09 12 May 22
Purget Sound Junk is a great service that I highly recommend! From my first call to Stacy and then meeting Ryan and Reggie, the customer service was top notch. Professional, prompt, courteous and got the job completed in a short time, leaving the area clean and ready to use in its new form.
UCL Ambrose
14:23 12 Apr 22
Amazing people, fast and efficient service. My father left his apartment cluttered and I had to clear it out fast. I am so glad they were flexible with scheduling and so nice and understanding with what I was going through. I will never use another junk removal company. Anyone looking for a solid company with real hard working people that really care, this is the company you need to do business with. Thank you PS Junk Removal…you made a difficult part of my life a bit better.
feisty kitty
02:41 27 Feb 22
Very happy with my service from PS Junk Removal and will certainly be using them again. Scheduling was easy and prompt, even over the holidays. Ryan and Reggie were very professional, friendly, and super efficient despite the large amount of rain soaked junk to be removed from the yard. Price was very fair and they had great customer service. Highly recommend!!
Lindsey Kishline
19:08 03 Jan 22
I can’t say enough about how professional this local business was from start to finish. Staci answered my call back immediately when she was on another call with a client. We got Ryan and Reggie scheduled in 24hrs to swing by and give me a quote to remove 2yrs of fencing/siding and floor projects that had piled up in my side yard and down in the lower backyard. Ryan said they could do the job no problem so we agreed to a cost that initially seemed high to me since I have a full size pickup truck and could have done the job myself until Ryan pointed out the number of trips I would have to take to the dump and cost per trip and the hours it would take and he was spot on that my time and effort would have been 5x more difficult to only break even in terms of cost. So we scheduled the time that worked for both of us the following week and Ryan and Reggie showed up exactly when they said they would and attacked the project without hesitation. 2 dump runs later and the guys were raking up my side yard and I couldn’t be happier to have all the debris removed just in time for the fall rain to set in.I will hire PSJ Removal in a heartbeat again in the future and recommend their business without hesitation. Thank you to your family business and much continued success. Thanks – Max
Max Jensen
01:14 18 Sep 21

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