Puget Sound Junk Removal provides office cleanout services to businesses in the Sammamish of Washington. Whether you’re doing office renovations, moving spaces, or closing up shop, the PS Junk Removal team is ready and equipped to help you clean out your office space.

Our full-service crew will gather any old inventory and office furniture and take it off your hands. We do all of the hauling, and in order to reduce as much waste as possible, we do what we can to donate and recycle whatever items we can.


When you hire PS Junk Removal to help with your office cleanout needs, you get more than a simple hauling service. We take it to the next level by doing all of the heavy lifting, carrying, loading, and cleanup.

  • Fully Equipped. When our team arrives onsite, they come prepared with any tools that may be necessary for your office cleanout serviceWhether you need us to tear up carpet or carry boxes of old supplies and inventory, we are ready for any job.
  • Thorough. When we leave a job site, we strive to leave it in better condition than when we arrived. We’ll do a final sweep to clean up any loose mess and have you check over everything before we go–just to be sure we didn’t miss anything.
  • Professional. Our team doesn’t expect you to do any prep work, so you don’t have to worry about carrying things to the curb before we get there. We do all of the lifting, loading, and hauling. From start to finish, we come prepared to do the work.


So what are you looking at for the cost of office cleanout services? When you choose Puget Sound Junk Removal for the job, you’re choosing excellent service at a very affordable price! We know that no two cleanouts are the same–so to say we have a set price for a service just wouldn’t be right.

  • Custom Quotes. All of our quotes are tailored to fit the needs you present for your office cleanout. We know that offices come in many different sizes and complexities, and we recognize that by providing custom quotes.
  • No Surprises. When we give you a quote, you can be sure that all expenses are included in one fair price. You won’t have to expect extra charges or fees once you’ve agreed on the service quote.
  • Easy Payments. We accept cash, cards, Venmo, and Apple Pay to make settling up as easy for our customers as possible.

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We could give you about a million reasons why we think you should choose Puget Sound Junk Removal for your office junk removal job. But we’ll just tell you some of the most important ones.

  • Local. As a local junk removal company, we are able to keep our prices low for your convenience. Plus, choosing us supports your local economy.
  • Eco-conscious. We don’t just haul your junk and dump it. We are careful to make sure that any items that are in good condition are donated for reuse. We then recycle what we can and dispose of the rest.
  • Convenient. We provide services for you 7 days a week. We try to make it so you don’t have to worry so much about fitting your appointment in with your busy schedules. Plus, you can even send us a text to schedule if you’re in a pinch.


  • Printers
  • Chairs
  • Paper
  • Shredding
  • Office Supplies
  • Desks
  • Computers
  • Phones
  • and more!
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