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Follow These Spring Cleaning Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Spring Makeover!

Spring cleaning is all about taking time out of our busy lives to freshen up the place we call home. It can be stressful coming to a space that’s a bit cluttered, especially if it’s your own home.

For some, spring cleaning can be as simple as tidying up and wiping things down. For others, it can involve moving heavy boxes or entire pieces of furniture. However you look at the task, we’re sure you can benefit from some spring cleaning tips that will give you a good place to begin your project.

One thing’s for sure, if you do any kind of spring cleaning, you should end up having to get rid of junk. Otherwise, you’ve missed a spot! That’s another purpose behind spring cleaning, de-cluttering, and getting rid of things you no longer need. To get the most out of the task, try going the extra mile and tackling some of these easy and uplifting projects.

Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Kitchen

A kitchen makeover during spring cleaning would be a chance to enhance your space. We’re sure there are some areas in your kitchen that you haven’t thought of cleaning up, or some parts you haven’t thought about replacing. Things you’ve probably overlooked throughout the winter season because it just wasn’t a big deal at the time. Here are a few we can think of:

  1. Stove or Oven. Consider replacing those old parts instead of scrubbing them. Things like the trim rings and drip pans on the stovetop and maybe even a new broiler pan if you’ve used yours out.
  2.  Refrigerator. Have you looked at your fridge drawers and shelves lately? We’ve all been there. General wear and tear are expected, and if you’re trying to freshen up for Spring, now’s a good time to replace those!
  3.  Cabinets. Your kitchen cabinets are often the most used items in your kitchen. They can easily become dirty or pick up knocks and scratches from frequent use. Try emptying them out and scrubbing the bottoms of the shelves to pick up dirt and grime that have accumulated over the year.
  4.  Sink Fixtures. Now would be a good time to update or replace worn faucets or handles. You can visit your local hardware store to choose a newer model and install them for a fresh look in your bathroom.

Spring Cleaning Ideas for Your Living Space

The smallest details can brighten your space for spring. Take it one step further than scrubbing and tackle some easy tidying-up tasks for your living room. Something as simple as replacing old curtain rods or blinds, or having the old carpet taken up and replaced are easy tasks that can change the look of your space.

We know how easily you can accumulate photos, lamps, and other decor to place around your home and on tables. When you’re through doing the typical dusting and polishing on your wooden furniture, try limiting the number of pieces you put back on the surface. You may be surprised how much space smaller items can take up when you have them all over!

Tidying Up Your Yard for Spring

There are a few ways you can incorporate your yard into your spring cleaning project. Especially after the season change, there’s bound to be debris like branches and rubbish to bag up. Collecting these yourself and bagging them up is a simple but effective way to leave your yard looking fresh without breaking the bank. At Puget Sound Junk Removal, we’re pretty good at collecting and disposing these kinds of items. Yard debris isn’t regular trash and can’t always be put out on the curb. When you’re through with the cleanup, you’ll need to reach out to a service for junk pick up. Here are a few things you can fix or replace in your yard before the spring. They’re also items we collect and can dispose of for you!

  1. Old Yard Furniture. Outdoor furniture is a great way to add entertainment space to your home. Over time, however, it can quickly go from a statement piece to something you want to hide. If your outdoor furniture took the brunt of that cold weather, it may need to be replaced. 
  2.  Yard Debris. Common waste from the yard like brush, branches, soil, sod, bricks, or rocks, can all leave your yard looking cluttered if they’ve gone strewn over the winter. Try organizing the debris into separate piles according to whether they belong in your yard or not. If they are landscaping features like pebbles or mulch, you can move them back to where they belong. However, you can set aside items like brush and branches to be hauled away later.
  3.  Deck Fixes. Harsh winter weather can take a toll on your deck. Snow and rain can break down the boards or leave nails and joints rusted. Easy fixes like replacing a board or even restaining your deck can revitalize it for warm weather.

Spring cleaning is a time of year we can look forward to. After all, we’re tidying up the spaces that are most important to us! Our junk removal services can definitely help with this task. We operate all over Snohomish and North Kings Counties, helping to reduce the footprint of residential and commercial waste. When you’re through cleaning up, we can pick up your refuse and dispose of it for you. If your spring cleaning project is bigger than these ideas, we also offer home cleanout services that will get the job done!

Give us a call, and we’ll give you a tentative quote for the items you need to be picked up. We offer same-day and next-day services so you can have your place rid of junk and cleaned up in no time!

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